Project Marketing Services

Developers, after collaborating with the best resources to design, approve and build projects, must still face the formidable challenge of marketing the project. As an ideal partner, our expertise is the final input that brings the project to fruition. We have a firm finger on the pulse of the market and deliver marketing services that result in confirmed contracts.

Factoring in the key drivers and numerous variables that impact the equation, Binsa Consultancy deploys a multi-disciplinary team with the experience and expertise to manage the inherent complexity in fulfilling such requirements. A holistic and result-driven approach ensures that transactions are handled with an eye for detail. Avoiding potential pitfalls, we facilitate transactions that ensure immediate and long-term goals are fully attained.

Project Conceptualization Services

Road Shows & Media Promotions Services

Negotiation Of Commercial Terms And Documentation Services

Market Positioning & Branding Strategy Services

Client Mix & Space Planning For ROI Optimization Services

Creation Of Marketing Collaterals Services

Customer Relationship Management Services